4.10 featuring Brad DeCecco and Anne Marie Rooney

About the artists:

Anne Marie Rooney's first book, Spitshine, is forthcoming from Carnegie Mellon University Press. She has won the Iowa Review Award, the Gulf Coast Poetry Prize, and the Amy Award, and been featured in the Best New Poets and Best American Poetry anthologies. Born and raised in NYC, she currently lives in New Orleans.

Brad DeCecco lives often in New York and less often in Boston, and photographs subjects around the world. His portrait work earned him the PDN award for the 30 Best Emerging Photographers of 2007. He also directs and acts as DP on documentary and commercial film and video projects. Communication Arts recognized his work with the Jury Prize for Cinematography. His first foray into music videos premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. His clients include: Esquire, Time, Smithsonian, The Washington Post Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, People, Forbes, Lexus, Fortune, Money, ESPN and Universal Records. His documentary film about asbestos and public health in America will premiere 2013-ish.


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